Rising Cities

Rising Cities is a One of the most addicting and adventure full Roll Playing game. Your Mission is Becomeing the most powerful Mayor in Rising Cities, It's a gift for strategy based building games lover.lets start because Your metropolis is waiting to be built!

Play Rising Cities Game Online

Rising Cities is not just another browser game which will ask you for money at the end of the day. Here you can really enjoy strategy and building of your own Sim kingdom! If you loved playing SimCity and other games similar to it, please enjoy this one from! Check out some screenshots:
It’s basically a browser-based simulator, where you have to build your own city. It’s created by famous Big point creators – you should already know them by heart, if you love browser games! RisingCities is another cool addition to their collection, that’s for sure!
You will have to take over of the huge metropolis city and make sure all the people gets what they need: build houses to live, make people happy, collect taxes and create building to generate you additional stream of money. You will have to find a fine line between your expenses and income.. That’s not so easy to do, when you actually play it
Resources are really important here. You will have to build farms, forests and mine ore.. As it always goes with the games like that, you should never forget to build upgraded buildings which can reproduce things to make something to eat for your city people. Oh and don’t forget about the power – your city will need lot’s of it. You will have to maintain that kind of buildings and they will eat your money – but otherwise you would have no people living in your place.. Now that would be kind of sad, huh
If you build nothing, then no people will come to live there. You need to entertain people, for example you need to build lots of houses, bars, movie theaters and other things for them to survive!
So since you need you need lots of buildings out there, you better make sure you have a good idea of how to manage your current land. You have to use all the resources smart, so you would survive in this harsh environment!
It’s a nice game so please enjoy it.
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